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Carneys Carpet Gallery

We offer quality flooring selections and solutions for your home or business. Our service is friendly and we make the shopping experience enjoyable and informative!

We are family-owned and a member of this community for over 50 years. Our name is very well-known and respected. We try to remain visible throughout the year, not just as a local business, but through involving ourselves in the community activities. We support local ball teams, schools, churches, and some outreach programs. We love our community!

We are proud of our reputation, both for being in business for as long as we have and for offering the value that we do. We do not use high-pressure stakes or gimmicks to get people to buy. We truly treat people like family. If they buy great! If not, we thank them for coming in and hope they will come back again some time.

Most people have an enjoyable experience when they come into our store and they tell others! Our reputation is really stellar. Plus, our overhead is low, so our prices are very competitive with the larger volume retailers, if not lower than their prices!
Our History:
My father started this business in 1971 out of his trunk with about four carpet deckboards. He approached two brother-in-laws about being financial partners and he then incorporated the business in 1972 with an actual store front. They decided the best way to raise capital would be to build some houses, so they built five over the course of two years! They helped fund the start of the flooring business, until housing interest rates of 18% plus put an end to that. Regardless, the seeds had taken root. My father bought out his partners by the end of 1976.


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